Dear users,
we would like you to know that your images have not been removed. We are running a disk check on one of our main image servers. The images will be back in the next few hours. We are aware of the issue and working on it.

Friday, February 28, 2014 Jonathan
  • Kastro Kastrov

    dam more of 90 $ of my image are gone??? Why???

    • Anonymous

      They will be back soon. Don’t worry

  • cashin07

    I have many of mine removed too. Hope you solve this issue soon.

  • whogivesashit

    Not cool at all. I have never seen this before…

  • Opel

    I have many of mine removed too…

    • Anonymous

      They are not removed. Just consider as if server i7 is down

  • eminemm

    My images are missing too

  • WhoCares

    It’s been more than 24 hours for me now…

  • Jeff bigerton

    Keep up the good work Imgchilli Staff. We’ve gone through stuff like this before and came out fine. So stop worrying everyone.

  • Adrian

    Same here many of my images are down, I hope there are not lost and is no need to replace all of them….

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry. It should be fixed now!

  • Many of my images are down, wath happened? Everything will come normally?

    • Anonymous

      Should be fixed now

  • back in business.

  • Brian Dougherty

    Please add a Public gallery ASAP most needed thing on this site

    • Brian Dougherty

      Are there any plans to add this you could have a option for the images to be private or public??

  • Casanova


  • Corpus Cristi

    What’s with the lack of reading comprehension of the commentators here? The message clearly states the images will be back. Stop worrying and be happy the administrators take the time to notify you at all.

    • Billy

      My guess is that the majority of people leaving those comments cant speak English. Case in Point:

      “Not every Wednesday to pay it?
      Peppers did not pay $ I
      Thank you”

      What does this even mean? lol

  • suv77777

    Not every Wednesday to pay it?
    Peppers did not pay $ I
    Thank you

  • Oliver

    Erm, just passing by, to drop a message… it’s Oliver, from gallery-dump… You’ve got emails waiting for you, Admin…

  • Brian Dougherty

    I just upload a set of images not even 15 min ago and they are already deleted WTF??

    • Brian Dougherty

      Never mind these were just old images that had been deleted

  • Steffi/Sarah

    I see you’ve completed update 1/3. How about updates 2/3 and 3/3 because I am still missing a lot of images.

    • Anonymous

      1/3 means 1st of March. This is old news